5g wireless applications unlock 2019 new technology era in three ways

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Natural disasters can occur anywhere. After the disaster, the government and volunteers will do their best to search for survivors. In case of communication network failure, locating a person's position is like looking for a needle in a haystack, which will reduce search and rescue to extremely inefficient physical labor.

Imagine this scenario: after the disaster, officials launch small but powerful cellular mobile device UAVs to make the network run again. At the same time, another wave of airborne UAVs took their places at the scene, sent out high-definition video, accelerated rescue operations and saved lives.

Key points:

Faster data transfer speeds and a significant increase in synchronous connections that the network can support mean:

5g will bring new functions to cross industry and consumer applications.

5g intervention will play the greatest role in machine to machine communication, which is necessary to realize the potential of the Internet of things.

The above scenario is only an example after the application of the next generation wireless communication network - the fifth generation or 5g cellular network. In the future, more possibilities will be realized: Mobile 3D video and ultra-high definition resolution augmented reality; Infrastructure with embedded sensors will help cities meet the needs of residents; Robot cars and UAVs will continuously communicate with each other to improve performance and efficiency; Robot assisted surgery and advanced telemedicine will become the norm of nursing patients.

Pietro Scalia, general manager of Ti

"Interconnected devices are the cornerstone of 5g," said Pietro Scalia, general manager of Ti, who studied 5g and recently wrote a related report. 1 "in the coming digital world, human beings will still dominate. The arrival of 5g means that we can achieve better and faster communication with machines. It will change the way we interact with objects and with each other."


5g provides better communication between humans and machines

This new cellular technology standard has achieved an order of magnitude improvement based on the current 4G functions.

In the early 5g equipment test, engineers found that the data transmission rate has reached 3 gigabits per second, which is significantly higher than the average rate of 18.5 megabits per second of 4G network in the United States. 2 and the future upgrade speed will reach 10 gigabits per second. Network latency (the delay time required for data transmission from one point to another) will also be reduced from a minimum of 60 milliseconds that can be achieved by 4G networks to 1 millisecond. 3 the density (the number of connections that the network can support in a given area) will increase significantly to about 1 million devices per square kilometer.

Based on the current situation that both machines and humans are using cellular networks, the upgrade brought by 5g is very important to achieve the highest goal of the digital world. Sensors and other devices, from generators to household smoke detectors, can detect changes in environmental and operating conditions, report and respond in a timely manner. This enables the rapid development of the Internet of things.

"Everything in our world has become robotic," Pietro said. "Part of this evolution requires our robots to communicate better and faster, and 5g makes it possible."

Pietro said that he was pleased to see the achievements made by developers using these new functions. He could see the future potential only from the following aspects:

1. 5G will help autopilot car promise.

Powerful, reliable and flexible communication links will enable communication between cars and between cars and remote computers. This will enable vehicles to plan routes more effectively, share power and improve fuel efficiency among fleets. At the same time, the delivery robot will be guided by the traffic control system to reduce delivery time and fuel consumption.

2. 5g will make the city more intelligent and realize multiple synchronous network connections

Cities are improving communication, management systems and infrastructure to meet the needs of residents. 5g network city will bring technology enhanced services and improve the lives of millions of people. Street lights will monitor and report to the driver where empty parking spaces can be found. Vehicles will be connected to the traffic management system to reduce congestion. The machine and power producers will coordinate the power demand to fully meet the equipment capacity demand.

3. 5g's low latency and improved reliability will fundamentally change the healthcare environment

Through the powerful virtual reality model, medical students can use virtual patients for training. High speed wireless connection will allow surgeons to see real-time 3D video of patient organs, while artificial intelligence will update accurate scalpel guidance every millisecond. Experts will also gather around patients through virtual images and work together.

"The best thing about 5g is that it can get on-demand services everywhere," Pietro said. "Whether it's a robot car that takes me to travel and find a parking space alone, or a patient focused connected health care system, the realization of these dreams requires more and better data to communicate faster and better."

When will 5g come? It started

Telecom companies have launched 5g equipment in 2018. But Pietro said consumers had not noticed any improvements. By the end of 2019, with the completion of 3GPP Standard Version 15 and the initial stage of new version 16, the improvement will begin to become obvious. By 2020-2021, developers will provide consumers and businesses with applications developed using new technologies.

"When applications really realize the potential of 5g version, the shape of the communication industry will change dramatically," Pietro said.

Texas Instruments is committed to the foundation of the upcoming 5g network. The customer is embedding ti's integrated analog RF transceivers into 5g base stations, which can connect devices with higher bandwidth. Meanwhile, they are installing ti's clock components to synchronize these base stations according to the new specifications. Proprietary power products are also helping to manage the challenging 5g system energy requirements.

"5g is a disruptive technology," Pietro said. "Through intelligent communication with everything around us, it will open a new era. As this future thing gets more attention, we can confidently predict that 5g will help mankind achieve more things".

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