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Industry application Application

    • MCU Application

      MCU can be divided into no on-chip ROM type and with on-chip ROM type according to its memory type. For chips without on-chip ROM, EPROM must be connected externally (typical chip is 8031).

    • Industrial control application

      Control element, a control appliance used to send control commands or signals in an automatic control system. Electronic components are widely used in many kinds, including buttons, travel switches, change-over switches, controllers, etc.

    • Medical device application

      With the progress of technology, electronic products, especially wearable devices, are becoming smaller and softer. This trend also extends to the field of medical equipment. Scientists are developing new, smaller, softer and smarter medical devices.

    • Commercial lighting applicatio

      The laser is the main communication component of 5g backbone network. The temperature of the laser can be effectively controlled through Tec module, This ensures data stability.

    • Industrial control application

      Today, with the rapid development of the global economy, industrial development is still the first source power to promote economic development. Based on the analysis of the current situation of the application of electronic technology in industrial engin

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